Keep the Faith

Durrell Grove
September 15, 2011
ENG 121

Keep The Faith

One of the most touchy subjects to talk about or write about is religion , due to how people of different cultures believe in different stories of God and how everything came about in man-kind. There is one story in “The Holy Bible. King James Version” that stood out to me on how we should take the words faith and God to a whole new level. Most people who believe in certain things that is also better known as faith. Where the belief of faith comes a God of that faith. In the “Holy Bible” the book of Job, there was a righteous man by the name of Job who was one of God’s most righteous followers. He had all his faith in God, but that will soon be tested. In the book of Job God test man to his word of faith. When I read this book I got a cold chill on how people understand their faith in God or whom ever else being praised. Due to how people by reading this book of Job, the man known as Job could not do any work to not believe in God but one son of God “Satan”, he wanted to challenge Job faith to really see if God’s most righteous man would give up on him. As a read of this body of work I wanted to develop a mind set someone who would deal with things that the average man nor woman could not deal with. Then I took a realistic role of a man who believe in God and will stand behind him until the end of time.
The book of Job tells the true meaning of “faith in God”. Once God and Satan agreed to terms of Job’s faith was put to the test. As a read of the word of God I wanted to understand what levels does the trials become a part of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. These four treats make up the inside and outside of humans. Job being a man Satan hit the mental aspect of him and how he would believe in God. Satan brought upon evil things in Job life such as, all the things he made a living off of were destroyed his animals were taken from him. When reading of all the animals he watched over taken from made a personal mental image come to me, that a bond as been broken between man and animals. Man animals look at them as his bestfriend, Satan could have broken him down by just that one actions destroying him mentally making him feel that he is all alone in the mind. Once your mind isn’t in the right state you can lose faith in a lot of things. Job still kept the faith while everyone around him stated to blame God for all the wrong happening. But if have faith something you should never curse the thing you be in. Satan was not done trying to prove to God’s most loyal follower will give up on faith in him as being the all power creater.
Satan went after Job’s emotional state of mind. He wanted to prove his father wrong that the most willing believe would give into the hardships that enter their life. Job dealt with an emotional lesson on faith. How he would carry the love of God within him emotionally. Satan took his offspring from him. He killed them all, when this happened Job still stood by God and believed that he would make things all better for him. Implying this text to real life most men who lost all their kids would lost their mind and want to just bring pain to other people lives, so they can understand what they felt and all the hurt and pain brought upon them. Dealing with emotions in this text can symbolize the word “faith” the auidence want to understand why Satan is doing these under- handed thing to God’s followers? When reding the book of Job it felt like a game Satan was playing with Job’s life.
Satan played upon the mental, emotional aspects of Job life but the physicl and spirtual would break him. When Satan killed Job’s family with the nature, that felt as if God was giving up on him and all things he wanted to do with his life. If some of te things tht happened to Job happened to a man in today’s time he would want to give up on his faith within God. The physical aspect of how the Satan messed up Job’s life was very shocking he didn’t want to talk or anything. Job got a visit from friend far and wide to see where is mental and physical state was at. The men from far and wide seat 7 days and 7 nights Job did not say one word. He looked drained and weak. When finally talked he still never gave up on God but as times went on Satan did things to Job’s apperance he made boils appear on Job but he seat and kept being in God. Connecting this statement to a person I know they would want to kill themselves they are not looking at the bigger picture they would want to give up on everything. The bigger picture of “The Holy Bible” dealing with the book of Job was that we as man have to deal with problems and keep our faith in God and never let someone take your belief away. Satan’s last attempt was taking his spirit away.
Satan was getting to Job’s wife she was telling Job to curse God. But Job was stilll keeping his faith in God andd all the greatness God had. Satan and God was playing chest with Job’s life once Satan made a move God wazs right to make move. Job stood to his morals and never gave up. Satan had to face the fact tht Job’s belief was really in God through anything we could not handle. Job showed the true meaning of faith once he lost everything his faith stayed stronger and God rewarded him with a new family. I learned to cherish what I have before the things I have become things I wish I had. “The Holy Bible” is a teaching tool to how we should live our lives.


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